Cinnamon Spiced Blueberry Maple Chia Pudding / by Anthony Michael Contrino

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Since I spend a better part of the week writing demo steps (culinary scripts) for various projects, I’m always appreciative when a recipe has a short title. In fact, long recipe titles are a pet peeve, BUT sometimes I break my own rules.

Ever since I discovered Chia Pods years ago, I’ve been hooked. When I realized I could make my own for much cheaper, I started playing with different flavor combinations. This one is my favorite. It mixing winter flavors with summer fruit and I think it’s just delicious!

Cinnamon Spiced Blueberry Maple Chia Pudding

Makes 4 Servings

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1/2 cup chia seeds

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup blueberries

Berries, for serving, optional

Mango, diced, for serving, optional

  1. In a bowl, combine almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Stir to combine.

  2. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

  3. Stir the mixture after a couple of hours, then again a couple of hours later.

  4. Fold in the blueberries.

  5. Spoon the pudding into 4 glasses or mason jars, cover and refrigerate overnight.

  6. Top with berries and/or diced mango, for serving, of desired.