My Favorite Things: 2018 Edition / by Anthony Michael Contrino

Need a gift for the “foodie” in your life? I’m here to help with my favorite things of 2018

FOR THE BAKER: Dutch Whisk

I discovered this utensil by accident and I am ADDICTED. This whisk is designed to mix heavy batters and doughs, and it does a marvelous job. $10.99


I’ve had a Kunz spoon for a while, but really began to appreciate how useful it really is. It is used by many chefs and considered to be the perfect saucing and plating spoon. I use it almost every time I am plating, and often when food styling. If you really like the person you’re giving this to, JB Prince usually offers a Special or Limited Edition. Regular $11.90 // Special Edition $34.90


Sous vide machines have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years - and for good reason: they cook meat (and a lot of other things, too) to perfection. Use it to cook steaks to a perfect medium rare or the juiciest turkey breast you’ve ever had. $89.99

FOR THE MIXOLOGIST: Winter Smith’s Phantom Ice Maker

Do you know someone who enjoys crafting the perfect cocktails? If yes, they will drool over this ice making system. The design creates crystal clear ice cubes free of any impurities. Molds to choose from include: spheres, large squares, and my favorite, collins cubes. While it may come with a hefty price tag, and take up some real estate in the freezer, it’s completely worth it! Statting at $119.00

FOR THE INQUISITIVE COOK: Salt, Fat Acid Heat Cookbook

From the host of the Netflix series with the same name, comes this wonderfully written cookbook. Samin Nosrat is being hailed as the next Julia Child and is both charming and inspiring. This book is really for anyone who loves food, cooks food and eats food. $14.99