Watermelon & Burrata Salad / by Anthony Michael Contrino

I am not the biggest fan of summer.   I'm not sure why people enjoy the extreme heat, humidity, bugs and allergies.  But, since I'm stuck having to deal with it, I might as well try to make the best of it.  Cue: watermelon.  It is one of my favorite fruits, and I could easily eat a half of one.  

This salad is as refreshing as it's going to get.  Sometimes I do crazy shit, like making a chevron pattern out of fruit.  You do not need to do this.  Using a melon baller to create spheres is cool.  Even easier, cut the melon into chunks and call it a day.

Watermelon & Burrata Salad // Serves 2

4 thick slices ripe watermelon (I used a combo of golden and red, but you do you.)

1 burrata (4- or 8-ounce will work great)

1/2 teaspoon flaked sea salt

1/4 cup toasted pine nuts

1/2 cup arugula micro greens, for serving (Baby arugula works great, too!)

Balsamic Glaze, for serving

Cut the watermelon into slices and line on a platter or large plate.  Alternatively, cut the watermelon into 3/4" cubes and place in a serving bowl.  Top the watermelon with the burrata.  Break the salt with your fingers and sprinkle it over the entire salad.  Sprinkle the pine nuts and micro greens over the salad and drizzle with some balsamic glaze.